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New York

Position Wanted

Lead Flexo Press Operator

Positions Held

Lead Press Operator; Flexo Press Operator; Press Helper


9+ years


Produce the highest quality customer satisfaction through superior workmanship. Reducing corporate costs by maintaining lower levels of ink, press “down time” and substrate waste.   
Experience working on the following machines: 13 inch Chromas Aquaflex, 10 inch Mark Andy, 650 Webtron, 7 inch Gallus Letter Press, 10 inch thirteen color Kopack letter press, 16 inch Aquaflex, and 7 inch Mark Andy. Have additional experience with 60 inch W&H Press.
Ability to sustain maximum efficiency and production levels with all presses. Troubleshoot press issues.

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Accreditations: Hot foil stamping, Plate mounting, Rotary screen printing, RFID in-line insertion, Trained in X-Rite hardware and software, Plow folding, Hot melt application for ECL’s.



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