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North Carolina

Position Wanted

Sales Executive

Positions Held

Pressman; Lead Pressman; Customer Service; Plant Manager; Sales Executive


33+ years


I am a highly skilled print professional who can help your business grow. I am highly skilled in finding solutions and closing new accounts.  I offer strong negotiation skills and a working knowledge of handling multiple accounts. I bring years of productive print knowledge and expertise to work for your company.

I have a history of building long lasting partnerships. My sales and account management background has provided me with excellent people and communication skills that I use in building stronger internal and external printing partners.

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Technical, 2 year College; PrePress and Pressroom Excellence


My background includes a vast working knowledge of prepress, print production, finishing, mailroom and now RFID Technology. I offer results-oriented teamwork, great organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. I am persistent in finding creative ways to get results. Most important, I am a Master Craftsman Award winner from the Printing Industry of America. I am a true print professional.

I wish to stay in my area, but will relocate if the offer is strong enough to warrant moving.



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