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Telstar Hot Stamp Unit

Postby tonick60 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:15 pm

I was wondering if anyone has seen a fully servo press, like a Mark Andy XP5000, with a Telstar Hot Stamp unit on a rail system? We currently have a Hot Stamp unit that we purchased with the press, which slides right into a print station. This Hot Stamp unit was designed by Mark Andy and it is of very poor quality. We are limited to having only 8,000' rolls because the unwind/rewind are very close to each other, this causes a problem to remove the roll after it has been converted. We also have 3 Mark Andy 4150's with Telstar units on a rail system which we use very often and have minimal issues. We run 15,000' rolls on these units. I have contacted Telstar about the possibility of adding one of these units to our fully servo press and it is a pretty substantial investment to do this. My biggest worry is that the unit will not hold very good register because the press is fully servo(all 4150's are line shaft driven). Another concern i have is that by extending the web into a hot stamp unit on a rail system we will cause more register problems to the flexo units and screen units. Am I over thinking this?
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