Poor ink transfer and mottling issues and depressed

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Poor ink transfer and mottling issues and depressed

Postby angelius » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:42 am

Since the last 8 months after we have bought Cyderfast system, we are having terrible problems with our prints.
Mainly we are using Gallus printing machines UV based siegwerk inks and printing with 133 lpi screens with 350 lpi aniloxes.
Highlights and shadows were ok but the ink transfer at solid areas were terrible. I have tried almost everything that came to my mind. Changing the exposure times even changing the laser power at ESKO CDI (j/sqcm2) nothing changed.
For the last effort I have send print samples with flexo plates to their lab. And got a terrible answer: nothing. At the moment we are posing highlights with DFR cyderfast and solid areas with solvent based DPI. This made me loose all advantage of cyderfast systems FAST word :p

I have samples of DOPM now and took test charts with zero bump-up.
First results are great. Even without using HD Flexo support dots, the vignette to zero is very clear. Have measured 0,34 % dot on plate. Ofc my anilox value is too low at the moment but isnt it amazing to see a holding 0,34 % dot on water washable plate?
This week I ll try to make curves to this plate and will print a sample job and will try to convince managers to switch to DOPM.
Normally if I hadnt found DOPM I was thinking to ask what do you guys say about mottling and poor ink transfer on Dupont cyrelplates, but now I ll ask if there is anyone using DOPM with UV based inks and if yes are you good with long print runs with this plate?
Thanks in advance and take care my friends.
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