Instant registration? Servo 3000 DRRS?

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Instant registration? Servo 3000 DRRS?

Postby aengel » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:51 pm

We print VERY EXPENSIVE electronic inks onto ordinary mylar film.

We want to purchase a system to add on to a Mark Andy (or a Nilpy) which will allow us to register the web IMMEDIATELY, or at least before the print is handled by the next print station.

One example of a system is the Servo 3000 DRRS. Can you suggest some alternate suppliers of similar equipment?

What has been your experience with the Servo 3000 DRRS?

Or do I need to consider a press which is completely servo driven?

Thank you,
Allen Engel
Publicity Providers, Inc.
Elma WA
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