Crowdfunding links for the flexo print shop

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Crowdfunding links for the flexo print shop

Postby aengel » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:18 pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally allowed general solicitation for entrepeneurs, aka crowdfunding, ... -about-it/ which means that entrepeneurs can now solicit any accredited investor for funding.

The new crowdfunding is superior to methods of fundraising like venture capital companies and angel investment clubs. The entrepeneur can solicit the investor directly, one on one, without the many human filters that insulate the real decision makers at the venture capital companies.

Crowdfunding is also becoming more efficient thanks to internet websites like AngelList and Gust is probably the most popular website for confidential investment information for entrepeneurs and investors. Gust provides a uniform structure for posting and reviewing business plans, profit and lost projections, and investment decks.

AngelList also provides a website to post information like Gust, but AngelList actually facilitates crowdfunding itself, and claims to have raised over 200 million dollars for startups.

The Angel Capital Association lists hundreds of Angel Investment Groups : ... -an-angel/

Interestingly, AngelList has profiles of thousands of investors who self identify their interest in crowdfunding high risk startups : The investor profiles often list their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, their previous funding investments, and their interest in future investments. In addition, AngelList lists the region where the investor resides or invests. If your flexo shop is located in a major metropolitan area, AngelList probably lists over a hundred investors who might consider investing in your business.

My crowdfunding appeal for my flexo shop can be found at : AngelList : or at You must be an accredited investor to invest directly in a crowdfunding company.
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