Print electronics in your flexo shop with GRAPHENE inks

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Print electronics in your flexo shop with GRAPHENE inks

Postby aengel » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:54 pm

Here are links to Graphene ink suppliers :



XG Inks

XG Prices ... e-List.pdf

Haydale ... escription




"The graphene ink has three unique qualities which make it very important; it’s a good conductor of electricity, highly flexible and has optical transparency. This is a major step towards production of cheap and foldable electronics.
Developers have used graphene to print out circuits on many materials. Graphene can work well even when just an atom thick or 14nanometres, meaning it can create a very flexible form. Various scientists have made unique inventions with graphene ink.
In some instances, developers have used modern miracle stuff graphene in printing out circuits on clothing, thereby enabling people enjoy a wearable tech which does not rely on having to attach computers to your body, wearing big watches of AR glasses.
American scientists at the Cambridge University have invented a piano made by printing piano circuit board onto a garment using highly conductive graphene, to the amazement of many, they have also printed its digital display onto a kinky plastic using graphene ink.
Scientists have developed electronic ink that can print on a laser to conduct electricity."
Excerpted from the Grapheneus website
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