Is the tag and label industry at a turning point?

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Is the tag and label industry at a turning point?

Postby aengel » Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:04 am

Is the domestic converting industry at a turning point, where some converters shift to larger profits by manufacturing electronics?

One of the largest converters in the USA manufactures both labels and electronics. This convertor has 300% to 400% greater sales per employee than the dozen other larger convertors with larger gross revenues. See packagePRINTING magazine list of top converters, tag and label

Consider that product development timelines are becoming shorter and shorter, and offshore manufacturing costs have become higher relative to domestic manufacturing costs.

Consider the developments of the past two decades, that enable printing equipment to manufacture thick film electronics :

*Polyaniline conductive plastic adhesives

*Polythiophene (PEDOT) conductive plastic transparent conductors


*Core / shell nanoparticles

* Field coercible nanorods & nanoparticles

*Copper nanowires & silver nanowires

*Digital customization

*Xenon plasmon annealing

*Soft holography

*Chip on Tab, T.A.B., etc.

*Nano scale electronic components

*Soft lithography,
Dr. Younan Xia and Dr. George M. Whitesides,

Does your organization have an electronics initiative?
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