Harvard Scientists Research about Nano Scale "Printing"

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Harvard Scientists Research about Nano Scale "Printing"

Postby aengel » Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:22 pm

“Soft Lithography”, the seminal review article defining nano replication, nano flexo, soft holography, is available online, for the general public. Written by Dr. Younan Xia of the University of Washington, and Dr. George Whitesides of Harvard University.

“Soft Lithography” article : http://ipn2.epfl.ch/CHBU/papers/cntpapers/production/xiawhitesides_aciee98.pdf

More information about Dr. Younan Xia's recent work at the Georgia Institute of Technology :


More information about Dr. George Whiteside's recent work at Harvard University :



Posting image is the cover photo for the book :

"On the Surface of Things: Images of the Extraordinary in Science"

by Felice C. Frankel (Author), George M. Whitesides (Author)

Publisher: Harvard University Press (May 15, 2008)

(Cover image portrays the patterned orientation of ferrofluid with magnets, on a textured surface.)
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