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Flexible Packaging Lab Equipment

Postby inkydude » Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:24 pm

Hi all,
We are starting in to the flexible packaging industry. We typically print labels. We are looking to enhance our lab to support this move.

We print on a flexo, mid web (19" or 16"), inline press and send rolls to an off line solventless laminator.
We use water based inks.

My questions are
1. What tests should I carry out on my printed rolls before sending to laminate
2. How critical is it to test for retained solvents on the print before laminating
3. the cure time for the adhesive is 24hrs, how can we know at the point of laminating that we are doing good work.
4. what kind of tests should be done be done before approving a lamination job.

Thanks in advance.
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