Rotary Hot Foil vs Flat Bed Hot Foil

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Rotary Hot Foil vs Flat Bed Hot Foil

Postby Katherine » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:44 am

Hi again; I am hoping someone here has some Hot Foil expertise that can assist me with what the difference is- if any - between Rotary Hot Foils and Flat bed hot foil.

We have a NEW Foil 5500 that has Flatbed foil stamping, and we have multiple rotary Hot Foil application units on our Narrow Web Flexo Presses.

We only stock "rotary" hot foil, in various colours and formulations (over-printable- or not; primarily).

Is there a specific formula for Flat Bed applications that wold necessitate our purchasing a different hot foil for improved application?
We are getting lots of hot foil defects on the flat bed unit; fill ins, voids, etc.

Any suggestions on how we can improve the quality of the final hot foil appearance or do we need to purchase a different type of material?

Thank you!
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