Material Handling To/From Upper Press Decks

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Material Handling To/From Upper Press Decks

Postby dkbench » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:13 am

On a large press with upper CI drum decks accessible only by ladders, does anyone have a good device or process for the movement of ink pans, doctor blade assemblies, or other items between floor level and the upper levels? Any fixed installation considered so far would interfere with movements of the cylinder-handling automation, so I think a mobile handling device might be the best bet. If anyone has something that is working for you in a similar application, your response would be most welcome.
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Re: Material Handling To/From Upper Press Decks

Postby Gorilla Printer » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:51 am ... /G0978945/
You are pretty well right in what you are thinking.
I provided this picture to give you an idea what you might be looking for.But ours are modified a bit for printing.Notice no hand rails they get in the road.You want four casters instead of feet.The front ones just go straight the back ones rotate and have a locking brake which is easily engaged by pushing foot on brake lever and disengaged by kicking lever.Instead of gratings as steps use chequered plate for steps and platform - easier to clean.You have one of these for the front stations of the press and another for the back.You will probably have to get these made for specifically for the press but they are worth it.You'll work out the best platform height for you.Just wheel it in engage brakes .When finished kick brake levers to wheel platform out of the road.The one in the photo where you have to lift and move is BS and inefficient.

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