Webtron P.I.R. motors

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Webtron P.I.R. motors

Postby Old_Radio_Man » Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:36 pm

Not asking for advice, just passing along some knowledge...I know many people here own / operate Webtron 650 & 750 machines. From time to time you may well have P.I.R. (Powered Ink Roll) motor failures; here is some information.

First of all, I am not connected to AAA Press or Quality Discount Press Parts; I like them both, generally what one doesn't have the other will. But I thought some of you might be interested in this.


Webtron 650/750 P.I.R. (Powered Ink Roll) motors. None of the easily obtainable replacement motors (Graingers) have the same mounting holes and they are too close to the original holes to simply drill new ones. These are two aftermarket motors.
Left - From AAA Press, cast aluminum bracket, motor made by Brother, $395;

Middle, from QDPPE, welded steel bracket, motor by Oriental Motors, $430;

Right, O.E.M. Webtron, cast iron bracket, motor by Oriental Motors, Webtron is out of business and this is no longer available. Any of them will work and fit fine, electrical installation of the AAA Press motor is easier - crimp new terminals on two wires, plug it in and you are running.

If you get the motor from QDPPE, do not be tempted to use the original 2mfd capacitor. It is too small and will decrease the available torque from the motor. The correct capacitor is included with the motor, along with a protective terminal cover. The capacitor must always be matched to the motor requirements. The Brother motor from AAA requires a 1.2 mfd cap and it is pre-installed. Also the wire colors are not the same, please do not simply try to match wire colors, refer to the wiring instruction sheet that is included.

The shaft on the Oriental Motor (OEM and QDPPE) have a flat and no key. The Brother motor (AAA) has a key and no flat. The gear has a setscrew and a keyway so either will fit.

Being a restorer of antique radios, (and keeper of Markem hot stamp presses) I know what a pain lack of parts can be and I want to thank our friends both at Quality Discount and AAA Press for all the work you guys do to help keep obsolete machines running and making money.
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