Delays in material delivery

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Delays in material delivery

Post by BMS »

I know this forum is not for griping and moaning but I am curious if anyone else is having trouble getting material on time. The company I'm at is having serious management trouble and the last month or two we have been told that the Mills are not able to fill our orders in a timely fashion. I'm leaning towards the company is running out of money. We have purchased a bunch of new equipment that has yet to run any substantial paying jobs, added onto our building and most recently canceled the employee bonus program.

I've been down this road before with other places and bolted pretty quick. I have ten years into this one and would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. I've talked to a few local friends and they said no problems for them so I'm starting to get that feeling they are not telling us the entire truth. It's more than one Mill also.... Raflatac, Green Bay Pkg, MacTac.

So... anyone else out there having delivery issues or am I on a sinking ship filled with deceptive ship captains?
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Re: Delays in material delivery

Post by csn7203 »

Hey BMS,
Im in Omaha, Ne. We have had delays in getting material as well. It may not be as drastic as what you are experiencing. We have also dealt with our ink vendor running out of UV coatings. They have issues getting some of their componets in to make the coatings. Either way i chalk it up to the virus and heck even logistics have been a nightmare.
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Re: Delays in material delivery

Post by Gory »

Chemicals have been in short supply since the 'weather event' in Texas (major petrochemical hub), covid is adding to the strain, shipping has gone to hell in a handbasket (what used to take 2 days takes more than 4 - all major carriers) There have been issues with getting product in from overseas due to a shortage of containers (although I believe this is much improved of late) - other than that everything is fine. I cannot say these are the reasons in your particular case, but the industry as a whole, at least in North America, is suffering right now.
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Re: Delays in material delivery

Post by Fuzz »

I am seeing many delays in material. I wouldn't jump ship yet.
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Re: Delays in material delivery

Post by iteachflexo »

I order label stock from Technicote. I can usually pick it up in a week or two. But my last order for matte litho took over three weeks.
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Re: Delays in material delivery

Post by KF »

Delays are caused by a myrid of reasons all unrelated it may take a while for all of them to work themselves out. ? is what's next?
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