BCM volumes for Gloss coatings

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BCM volumes for Gloss coatings

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Can anyone recommend a BCM volume for Gloss UV? We currently use a 360 line with BCMs 4.64-5.06 and I am wondering if i could go with a different line anilox or go to a lower BCM? Obviously we dont want to lose the protective integrity of the coating but I think management is looking at the cost of coatings and this is what brought up the question.
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Re: BCM volumes for Gloss coatings

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It seems to me that you're on the low end of volume for a coating. Most everywhere I've worked at or visited uses 250-lpi for gloss UV, or near to it.

That said, gloss UV suggests you're running narrow web, making a banded roll trial reasonable in expense, given the long-term benefits of optimizing. You could test four or more volumes at the same time, under the same conditions, and inspect and measure the results on the same sheet of substrate.

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Re: BCM volumes for Gloss coatings

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We use a 550 2.5 for gloss and it's narrow web
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