Banded Roll Tests?

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Banded Roll Tests?

Post by Preston_McDowell »

Hi Everyone,

I'm an Intern and have a banded roll press trial coming up, and I was wondering if someone might be able to help inform me on some of the tests to run on the final print to determine which anilox will be best.

I'm going to be running a press trial using a banded roll on film. I already have the fingerprint file that I'll be using to print. I'm running 2 process colors (magenta and black) 1 spot color (undecided) and white.

What tests would you recommend doing on the printed film to determine which anilox is going to be most suitable to print on film/how to execute said tests? What elements of the fingerprint file do you think are most crucial and should be included? Any tips would also be greatly appreciated!

I've never ran a banded roll trail and I'm having to learn as I go. Any insights or knowledge on the subject would help me out a ton!
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Re: Banded Roll Tests?

Post by Frank Burgos »

HI Preston,

Any reputable anilox roller manufacturer has done this many times if they're reputable. They should have files available to you and can advise you in the process.

The following link discusses banded roller trials and illustrates test plates. The idea is to test small-to-large fonts, thin-to-thick lines, fine and coarse screen values, solid patches, in positive and reverse. These elements will allow you to select among various anilox surfaces to print the various image types.

Contact the anilox roller supplier.

PS: It's "roller", not "roll". A roll is bread or fat around the mid-section.
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