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Anilox BCM

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Just looking for real world experiences on high LPI aniloxes and suitable BCMs for printing high resolution upto 200 LPI print on wide web solvent flexo..

Is anyone out there printing 175 to 200 LPI wide web solvent based flexo and what are the anilox specifications that have tried and proven to be working..
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Re: Anilox BCM

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After considerable research and contemplation, I specified the initial set of anilox rollers for a client a few years ago, for printing with Kodak plates, 175-line. We went with 1200-lpi, 1.8 BCM, Harper rollers.

When the first image of the test plates, the cyan, came through the press and arrived at the rewinder of the press, tears came to my eyes. True story.

I find that wide web folks sometimes go a little lower in volume, but I have not experimented with those scenarios. That said, I did a lot of work at a wide web shop that used 1200, 1.2 BCM with good results and adequate densities.
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