P5 register moving

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P5 register moving

Post by fatcatmiddy »

Im running a p5 press,having problems with print register moving sideways when joins go thru the press.the first color and the last color will move in opposite directions and stay out.Have tried different press tensions,speed etc.
Also register on most stocks moves around alot more thanthe gallus i
used to run
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Re: P5 register moving

Post by dkelley »

I would check your press web and be sure your not webbed across a dead bar.
Also make sure all your idlers are bolted in firm.
Do you have the correct tooth size input into the press?
You will probably get more help if you posted this question in the pressroom forum. this is not really a prepress issue.
For registration check the ERC errors and adjust the sensors as needed.
Are you reading the mark on dark or light?
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