Webtron 650 Heater issue

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Webtron 650 Heater issue

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Greeting all maybe I can get some helpful input.
I've got a Webtron 650 here with heater issues. My core was dead so I got a replacement from AAA. It came in with no knob, no gauge and the dial was glued in place. It also had a jumper across two of the heater coils which my old one does not. Outwardly they look identical. Not a big deal I thought.
I used my old knob and gauge to determine it was preset for 250 degrees. I left it glued in place the way it came from AAA.
It has a jumper taking it from a 4 wire on one side to 3 and single wire on the other. I took out the jumper and hooked up the 4 wires on the one side just like my old one.
Turned on my press and no joy I only get minimal heat even at 100%.
I put the jumper back in wired it up leaving the dial glued in place still. Same thing. minimal heat.
I marked the dial location put my old gauge on it pulled the glue off and tried turning it up in increments of 50 degrees. No joy.

Fuse seems fine, all contacts are clean and my wires are all connected.

Any thoughts?
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