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Richard Joseph
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Flexo Cushions

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Hello all, I am new to this forum but have been active on PrintPlanet for many years, and really appreciate being welcomed to this new community!

With that said, my company formerly used DayFlint's Flexo Cushions (black-colored cushion facer, with a peel-away adhesive/sticky-back, and at .049" thickness) to mount to our offset printing cylinders; however, the manufacturer discontinued their Flexo Cushion product line in early in Q1 of 2023. So we have been trying to procure a suitable like-for-like flexo cushion for several months, to no avail after many trials. Thankfully I was recently advised that 3M provides a great Flexo Cushion-type product (red-colored ribbed/embossed facer), but we can't seem to locate the product despite several inquiries. So I'm hopeful that someone in our industry here on FlexoExchange can provide some insight or leads on where to source Flexo Cushions from 3M ideally, or from anywhere as long as the product meets the aforementioned specifications, given the breadth of knowledge/info I've already seen here on this great forum!

So thank you for taking the time to read this inquiry into my search for Flexo Cushions (.049" sticky-back) procurement, and I'm very hopeful to be pointed in the right direction plus read your responses. :smile:

Richard J.
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