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Get a Sample Schedule

(You will need MS Excel, or a spreadsheet program
that supports .xls files, to open and use this file)

E-Mail It

To request a Sample Schedule by e-mail, please submit your name and e-mail address below.

Your Name:

Your E-Mail Address:

We will send an e-mail message to the address above with the Sample Schedule file (schedule-example.xls) attached.
File Details
Name: schedule-example.xls
File Size: 23.5 kb
Requires: Microsoft Excel 97, or compatible spreadsheet program.

DownloadDownload It

You may download the Sample Schedule by clicking the link below.

File Details
Name:  schedule-example.xls
File Size: 23.5 kb
Requires:  Microsoft Excel 97

Download Now Download

Pay attention to the download destination folder so you can easily locate the file once the download is complete.

Once the download process is complete you will be able to open, view and edit the file using Microsoft Excel 97, or a compatible spreadsheet program.

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