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Calculators: Distortion Calculator > Roll Diameter > Roll Length > Ink Formula Ratio > Ink Consumption


Ink Consumption Calculator
Label WidthInches
Label LengthInches
Quantity of LabelsLabels
Minimum Ink Amount in SystemGallons
Anilox VolumeBCM
Percent Ink Transfer
Percent Ink Coverage Percent
Total Gallons Ink ConsumedGallons
Total Gallons Ink to BlendGallons


This calculator determines the amount of ink you will use given the variables entered, including percent ink transfer. It does not take into account anilox condition or metering effectiveness.

The variables above are all that a narrow web shop needs to use. You do not need to worry about repeat length, gear size or pitch, or anything like that. Just fill in the blanks and don’t work harder than you have to!

FOR FLOOD COATING: Enter the tint roll width in the Label Width field. Enter “12” in the Label Length field. Enter roll length in feet in the Quantity of Labels field. Enter “100” in the Percent Ink Coverage field.

See Table below for help with individual fields and what should be entered.




Label Width

Width of one label

Label Length

Length of one label

Quantity of Labels

Total quantity of labels that you are blending this color for. This includes any planned
over-run for waste, etc.
Example: If the job calls for 100,000 labels, and you are going to over-run the job by 10% for waste, you need to enter 110,000 for label quantity.

Minimum Ink Amount in System

The minimum amount of ink that the print station needs to operate properly. In theory, you need to blend the amount of ink that gets consumed, plus the amount of ink that is just barely enough to keep the system flowing smoothly.

Anilox Volume

Anilox volume, in BCM, that will be used for this color.

Percent Ink Transfer

An anilox roll does not release all of the ink in its cells. It only releases a percentage of it. After that, the plate only delivers a percentage of the ink that is delivered to it. Therefore, the actual amount of ink being transferred to the substrate is a percentage of the theoretical anilox volume.

You may know this figure based on historical ink consumption. Adjust the value for percent ink transfer in this calculator as you use it, over time, to more closely match your actual conditions.

Note: There may be a situation, such as with two-roll systems, where the ink transferred is actually greater than the theoretical volume. In these cases, you may actually have to make the percent transfer greater than 100%. However, these cases tend to also result in variable ink consumption rates.

Percent Ink Coverage

Percent of area of the label that is covered by the color you are calculating consumption for.
(image area of color divided by label area)




Total Gallons Ink Consumed

Amount of ink that will be used according to the information you have provided.

Total Gallons Ink to Blend

Amount of ink you need to blend for this color. It is the sum of the ink consumed, plus the minimum amount of ink that will remain behind.

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