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How to Use the Ink Formula Ratio Calculator

Calculating Ink Blend Formulas

Enter the name of each base color or
additive in your formula into the fields
in the Base Color column. You can
use any name or format you like, including numbers, symbols or custom color names.

Enter the weight of each base color in
your formula in the Weight column, next
to the corresponding base color name.

Click the Calculate button. The blend
formula will be displayed in ratios, in
the Ratios column. If you prefer
percentages, simply multiply each ratio
by 100.

Using a Ratio Formula to Blend Ink

Determine the total weight of the color
you want to blend.

Multiply this weight by the calculated ratio
of each base color or additive. If you have
your formula in percentages, you’ll need
to convert to ratios first by dividing each
percent value by 100.

Blend the indicated amounts of base colors
and additives.

See an example


Ink Formula Ratio Calculator
Base Color


Example: Let’s say you are blending a color and you use 5 lbs. of Red and 4 lbs. of Blue. The units can be anything you want to use, pounds, ounces, grams, etc.

In the calculator above, you will enter Red and Blue in the Base Colors column and 5 and 4, respectively, in the Weight column. Clicking the Calculate button will give you ratios of 0.666 and 0.333. This is your formula.

Now, let’s say you want to blend 17 pounds of this color from scratch. Here’s how you would determine the amount of Red and Blue to mix together:

17 lbs. multiplied by 0.666 = 11.322 lbs. of Red
17 lbs. multiplied by 0.333 = 5.661 lbs. of Blue

Theoretically, ratios should add up to 1.000, or percentages to 100.0. However, slight discrepancies are possible due to rounding issues. You may disregard these minute variations.

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