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Scheduling Article
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What you’ll end up with when you’re done is a spreadsheet on which all of your print jobs can be easily seen and rearranged by whatever criteria you prefer.  You’ll then be able to sort them in seconds with just a click of your mouse!  Sort by Press Number, Order Number, Length, Color, Due Date, whatever you need to see at the moment.

Not all of the specifications on the work order need to be displayed on the spreadsheet, however.  Only the criteria that influence scheduling decisions need to be included.  Feel free to include anything else you feel might be useful as you develop your spreadsheet.  Just note that the more you include, the more you’ll be required to either manually enter or import from another program.  Also, it’s possible to include so much that you’ll either have to scroll left and right to see all criteria associated with a work order or you’ll need to make your view smaller to see it all.

Here are six criteria you might consider important in your decisions:

  • Order Number
  • Length (feet, yards, meters, units, etc.)
  • Colors
  • Cylinder Size
  • Substrate
  • Due Date

These are only examples.  It’s up to you to determine the criteria that influence your scheduling decisions.  Choose the criteria I show here, or use those more suitable for your operation.

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