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Arrange your specifications in rows, with the same specification for each order in the same column.  For example, we would begin by typing the following terms in the following cells of the first row on the spreadsheet: (Or, type in whatever is appropriate for your situation)

  • Cell A:1 = Press
  • Cell B:1 = Order Number
  • Cell C:1 = Length
  • Cell D:1 = Colors
  • Cell E:1 = Cylinder Size
  • Cell F:1 = Substrate
  • Cell G:1 = Due Date
  • Cell H:1 = Comments

I’ve added “Press” and “Comments” as fields, but they are not specifications, per se.  “Press” is the number or ID of the press the print job is assigned to.  Comments are any miscellaneous notes you may want to make for either the operator or yourself.  I find that it can be very helpful to use the “Comments” field.   Please note that the schedule does not substitute for the work orders with all of the specifications needed to produce the order.  Those still accompany the work through the manufacturing process.

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