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Scheduling Article
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Another feature you might find useful when searching through a long list is the Filter function. 

Try this:

Select the top left-most cell on the sheet (it should be “Press” in this discussion).  Now click on Data > Filter > AutoFilter on your menu bar.  You should see little grey boxes with downward pointing arrows to the right of each cell in row 1.  (If some of the headings become partly obscured by the Filter buttons, simply “Auto-Format” the column width. See appropriate Help Section in Excel to learn how to do this.)

See what happens when you click on them and select items from the pull-down lists.  Experiment for a while to get a feel for how to use “Filter”. This feature can help you find things in a hurry.  Note that when you select from the pull-down menus, all but those orders matching the selected criteria disappear.  Also note that the arrow on the selected menu button becomes colored, indicating that the list is filtered by at least that criterion. You may filter by multiple criteria, each time rendering the list of orders down to shorter lists.  Click Data>Filter>Show All to bring them back, or select the top choice “All” from the pull down lists involved in filtering.  To remove the filters altogether, click on Data > Filter > AutoFilter again, and the buttons disappear.

(You may find it very useful to create a custom toolbar for scheduling, and create buttons that turn filters on and off, as well as other frequently used functions.)



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